3900 m2  
Castel Maggiore 
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Beer  near Bologna

Four dark concrete elements intervene the former aging cellar Villa Zarri. They form a bright contrast with the light finish of the existing structure and natural stone facade. The volumes cut through the cellar at four locations creating a mysterious scene and inviting visitors from the public road, thereby they are placed parallel to the existing beams of the roof to ensure a clear relation with the interior and the garden.The existing grid of columns define the restaurant, beer garden and the cultural plaza. Where the restaurant is orientated perpendicular towards the fountain creating a dramatic perspective and the  main bar is located adjacent to the restaurant as well as the beer garden to provide both with beverages. Subsequently the beergarden is located parallel with the garden of Villa Zarri where the harmonica glass façade can be fully opened. To enhance the relation with the garden trees are integrated in clear cutouts of the concrete floor. To complete the total beer experience, visitors can follow a route through a small-scale beer factory located in the eastern volume. They can literally follow the path of various production steps that are needed to create beer by taking the elevator to the top of the tower. During the route downwards they encounter hop plants, settling barrels, yeasting barrels and ageing tons. At the end of the tour they can enjoy the rich taste of the ‘on the spot produced’ beers.