For the redevelopment of an existing building in Spijkenisse studio RAAM was asked to redesign the entrance and to unfold a spatial exploration for possible program for the future. The entrance of De Metropool gets a significant metamorphosis to improve its’ attraction and accessibility. A lazy staircase underneath the canopy serves as a theatrical gesture for the people entering the building. The transition from the exterior to the interior is gradually, conducted by a variation of closed and open façade elements. The dark casted composite panels establish a severe contrast with the existing yellow brick façade underlining the representative character of the new entrance. The existing levels of the building are perfectly suitable as flexible offices, a yoga-instruction space and physiotherapist practices. There is a wide spectrum of opportunities for functions in the medical sector. Because of the good accessibility and locus the building is suitable for health care functions with regional significance.

Type: Commision
Role: Architectural Design / Spatial Research
Client: EBM Middelburg B.V.
Size: 60m2 / variable
Location: Spijkenisse NL
Year: 2017