Type: Commission
Role: Interior Design
Collaborators: LAGADO architects
Size: 45m2
Location: Rotterdam NL
 Year: 2015

A former laundry is transformed into a raw Vietnamese Street-food-bar. The owners wanted a new type of Asian restaurant where openness is key. This culminated that the open kitchen became the logical center of attention. An excision reveils the cooks in action with a palette of green glazed tiles in the background. The view towards the kitchen is framed with a sturdy steel open cupboard. The ceiling of the raw concrete Beams dominates the restaurant. It is the bottom of the sloped floor of the parking garage above, emphasizing the length of the small space of the restaurant. The beams continue from the inside to the outside connecting the interior with the street. The bar and sitting couch are positioned in the length, strengthening the linear aspect of the interior. The concrete bar with a counter made of blue-steel refer to the exterior façade of the parking garage. The brick of the most long wall has been chopped of to emphasize the raw presence of the wall. Within the concept of the design of District A, street and food are combined in an integrated whole.