Kunst en sport     
7000 m2  

Youth Art Centre & Sport

studio RAAM in collaboration with Loft architects proposed a Youth Art Centre combined with a Sport’s Centre on a tilted triangular slope for the Dongbuk-area in Seoul. The plot is inclined by big residential towers on the southwest- and aligned by low rise developments on the northwest side. On the urban scale the development acts as an gradual intermediate for the significant scale difference of its direct surroundings. The architectural composition consists out of four square boxes on a public plinth. The plinth includes underground parking, a swimming pool, a patio with climbing wall, exposition space and a kid’s karaoke bar. The plinth also acts as a logistic connector for the program in the square volumes on top of it.


The Sport’s Centre is situated in the bigger chrome meshed box and the program for The Youth Art Centre is located in the three smaller square volumes. The red box with roughly cut brick stands in the center of the composition and is equipped with an outdoor auditorium providing space for art classes and performances. The black box contains the auditorium, where the young actors perform their plays to the public and the poly-carbonate box contains the artist’s workshop and entrance zone.  As a whole the overall building is designed to fully stimulate the South Korean youngsters to develop their creative skills.