Maassilo icon-12.png
Type: Competition
Role: Architectural designer 
Size: 1100m2
Location: Rotterdam NL
 Year: 2018

Silobar 10 is the proposition of studio RAAM for the extension of the Maassilo building in the south of Rotterdam. The design consists of a clubby, multi-functional panoramic space on the tenth floor and a lush paradise garden on the rooftop of the highest part of the Maassilo from 1930 of Brinkman van der Vlucht.

Because of it’s original function as grain storage the overall building has a closed character. In 100 years the closed brick and concrete parts are built beside and on top of each other. Silobar 10 follows this tradition but also contrasts brightly with the raw existing character due to its’ transparent and luxurious materialization. The intervention is a posh décor for the different horeca-and cultural functions with a magnificent view of the skyline of Rotterdam in the back.

With the “zonnedek” and the “tribune bar” on the roof of the Maassilo, Rotterdam is enriched with a glamorous roof-lounge which will attract visitors from the whole world and its’ direct surroundings to experience the city in a metropolitan manner. With Silobar 10 the attraction of, for and due to Rotterdam is enlarged from a fresh perspective!