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Type: Competition
In collaboration with studio RAAM & Nieuwe Architecten
Size: 60m2
Location: Leiden NL
 Year: 2018

The three proposals for the Parels in Leiden are a proposition of studio RAAM & Nieuwe Architecten.


The buurtkas serves as a neighbourhood greenhouse where local residents can gether around, organize meetings and grow their vegetables.

The greenhouse is supported with laminated wood portals and insulated glass with openable parts. The entrance is situated at the bottom of the volume where a foldable stair gives acces.

The smaragd is shaped as a hovering house above a monumental toilet. The green ceramic facade has the appearance of a bright emerald stone and forms a dialect between the existing monumental green facades of the fishmarket.

A secondary structure at the back supports the volume and serves as an entrance with a stair.

On the roof of the Turfmarkt 11 a diamant pops up, blending with the surroundings , reflecting the canal and the adjacent roofscapes to almost disapear.


Contact RAAM for more information and more pearls!