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Type: Competition
Role: Designer
Size:  158m2
Location: Rotterdam
Year: 2019
Award: Director's choice

Soup city claims the water in Mahim Bay with a modular and floating city produced from recycled synthetics. The urban scale of the plot is characterized by several zones: a residential floating zone, a public park around the Worli Fort and an adjacent beach combined with a tidal energy installation. To unify and connect the area two major piers cut through the zones. They serve as infrastructure connecting the floating city with the main land, as well as MEP-system.
The floating city itself is formed out of a variety of architectural modules consisting out of public facilities and community housing blocks. The housing modules share specific characters from the adjacent urban fishing village, Worli Koliwada. A key feature is a staircase wrapped around the building which serves as interactive space for the community. The modules are enriched with a public plinth, patios and a variety of housing types. The housing types vary from 35m² to 102m² where the smaller and cheaper serve the Koli and the larger more expensive serve the Worli.
Besides generating housing for the local inhabitants the floating city will also stimulate tourism. The Koli are given the opportunity to make a progressive transition from fishery to the tourism sector as a main income source. They can start a commercial shop, boat rental, fish restaurant or lodge at the community block and expand or share their business with other families.