Type: Skyscraper Competition
Role: Design
Size: n/a
Location: mount Fuji JP
Year: 2016

The mystical qualities of the cone-shaped mount Fuji have been present for many generations. A long time ago in Japan a belief arose that spirits of the dead climbed up mountains and became gods (kami) at the peak. Japanese Buddhists revere the mountain is a gateway to another world...

Unesco has enriched the World Heritage List with Mount Fuji in 2013. This resulted in a significant grow of its’ popularity. Nowadays 300.000 visitors climb the mountain yearly dumping a major amount of garbage. The serene and proper surroundings of this lonesome celebrity is threatened by its’ very own glory! The Cone is a proposal for a landmark on top of Mount Fuji. It is part of a pilgrimage to the summit of the highest point in Japan. Also suicide in Japan has become a significant national social issue. The black sea of trees, the Aokigahara, better known as the suicide forest, is only 15 kilometers away from the peak of Mount Fuji. The Cone is a ‘cryonic hotel’ providing the alternative for those with suicidal tendencies or those who desire to live in future times. The aim of the Cone is to conserve the purity of Mount Fuji’s environment for the present and the future with the support of the financial profits of the Cone.